The project objectives are:

  • To define a research methodology for capturing pupils’ ICT representations (cognitive structures, processes, relationships) and teachers’ experiences on media education.
  • To map on to pupils’ ICT representations, practices, preferences and appreciations-both from a product and process perspective.
  • To identify, analyze and reflect on similarities and differences in ICT/TEL use and appreciation from an equity perspective.
  • To establish an on-going discourse with practitioners on the current pedagogical uses of ICT from the integrated model perspective
  • To design, test and validate diagnostic self-observation/reflection tools for teachers.
  • To articulate a sound pedagogical strategy on the use of ICT in classroom practices from a gender equity perspective.
  • To share and reflect on the knowledge and experience gained in PREDIL with researchers and practitioners in the contexts of an on-going discussion forum, workshop and publications.

On the bases that gender is multiple, dynamic and that gender practices change faster than gender stereotypes, PREDIL’s long term impact is on the equitable access of girls to the acquisition of competencies for living and working in the digital age. In the short term the impact is on the improvement of teacher classroom practices through a self-observation/self-remediation approach.